1-year-old dog swept away by storm drain rescued by California firefighters

A year-old dog swept away by California floods has been rescued and returned to its owner thanks to firefighters and technology.

Seamus, an Australian shepherd, was out walking with his owner in San Bernardino and ran away Monday, the fire department said in a news release. His owner tried to catch him, but Seamus entered a storm drain and began to float away. California has experienced widespread flooding in some areas, caused by multiple storms that have been battering parts of the state for weeks.

His owners and firefighters began looking for him in the area. An employee at a recreational vehicle facility stopped a fire crew and said he heard a dog barking and then saw one floating down a canal.

Crews Rescue Dog After Being Swept Down Storm Drain Yesterday, San Bernardino crews were dispatched on a public service call for a dog lost in a storm drain. Seamus, a one-year-old Australian Shepherd, was swept away by a storm drain after running away from his owner on a walk. Before his momma dog could grab him, he found his way into an adjacent flood control basin and began to float in swift water. The owners began searching and teams were dispatched to help. Firefighters arrived in the area working to locate the dog in the storm drain. While touring the area, ME231 was flagged down by an employee at a recreational vehicle facility on East Redlands Blvd. The employee had heard a dog barking in the nearby canal and saw the dog float down the canal. He followed Seamus and noted that the dog had found a way out of the water into a nearby access tube. They flagged down the firemen and found Seamus in the tube watching them. He traveled almost a mile from when he entered the storm drain. He miraculously managed to get out of the fast moving water and was trapped at the bottom of the tube. Firefighters quickly accessed the dog and carried it up the ladder to safety. After assessing the dog, he appeared uninjured and in good spirits. Upon investigation, they found that Seamus had a dog tag with an address and phone number in nearby Loma Linda. The crew took Seamus with them in the fire truck, drying him off and warming him up on the way to his house. Once they arrived, firefighters contacted their concerned owners and reunited the family. Seamus was equipped with the Apple AirTag and a conventional identification tag that helped rescuers and owners track down the pup and reunite him. While we would have loved to turn Seamus into a firehouse pup, we’re glad to be able to reunite the dog with his owners. #proudtoserve

Posted by the San Bernardino County Fire Department on Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The clerk followed Seamus, who found a way out of the water and into a tube in the ground.

The firemen found the tube, with Seamus inside, looking at them through the dirt and trash. He was about a mile away from the storm drain he originally entered and “miraculously managed to get out of the fast-moving water,” the fire department said.

The dog was trapped at the bottom of the tube, but firefighters quickly hauled it up a ladder to safety. He appeared unharmed and in good spirits and was carried back to the fire truck to be dried and warmed up.

Seamus’ collar had an Apple AirTag and ID tag on it, helping rescuers and owners find each other.

“While we would have loved to turn Seamus into a firehouse pup, we are glad to be able to reunite the dog with his owners,” the fire department said.

A video posted to Facebook shows Seamus’s owner meeting with him. He jumps into his arms from the fire truck, dirty and wet, but finally back home.

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