A disturbing Robin account proves that Batman has hurt Jason just as much as the Joker

Two of the most influential people in this red hood Jason ToddIts life is no one else’s batman And the joker. One raised Jason as a son like a second Robin, the other killed him. Quite the opposite, but in the Red Hood’s mind, Batman damaged his psyche just as much as the Joker did, if not more, and it largely boils down to his hair color.

While Jason Todd was originally introduced in DC prethe crisis In continuity, she is shown with naturally blonde hair. After taking up the Robin mantle, he dyes his hair black (at Batman’s request) so the villains don’t know he’s not the first Robin aka Dick Grayson. After Grayson’s parents were murdered, Batman, understandably, felt a deep connection to Grayson (considering how his parents were killed before him) and he developed into a sort of father figure for his raven-haired ally.

Also following DC’s post-the crisis The continuity, where Jason’s hair color has always been naturally black, was somewhat preempted by Grant Morrison and Philip Tan.the crisis Continuity with Jason’s hair Batman and Robin #5. Granted, Jason Todd’s original hair in this comic series is shown here as naturally red instead of blonde, but that’s the point. At this point in his life, Jason Todd has his usual red hair, but that same hair has begun to fall out and has taken on a white streak. He admits to his sidekick, Sasha, that not only is he losing his hair due to Lazarus Pete’s influence, but Batman also dyed his hair black to make him look like Dick Grayson.

Presumably, for the same reason pre-Crisis Jason did this to himself, to make the criminals believe they were still fighting the real Robin. Whether he wanted to or not, Bruce worked hard to keep Jason in Dick’s shadow. This irony causes a few problems Batman and Robin Earlier, Alfred tells Dick that to be a successful Batman, Dick must make the role his own rather than trying to imitate his predecessor. Bruce never offered Jason a favor like Robin did. It’s no wonder why Jason bears such a grudge against Bruce, even more than he does the Joker. Of course, Jason has always been bitter towards the Joker for killing him and even more so that he’s still alive, but he’s never hurt the Joker as often or as venomously for his crimes as he does for his shortcomings as Batman’s father. In fact, because of Jason’s resentment of Bruce, Morrison’s entire “Revenge of the Red Hood” story arc Batman and Robin Fueled by the Red Hood’s desire to be a better crime fighter than Batman.

Both batman And the joker played a major role in the transformation Jason Todd in red hoodBut while Joker’s cruelty is expected from a villain, Batman’s is what really struck Jason to his core.

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