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The Amazon Basics Laptop Stand ($21) is a very inexpensive way to improve your posture while extending the life of your laptop. Plus, it makes it much more convenient to work from home.

The Amazon Basics Laptop Stand is a portable, foldable aluminum stand for laptops up to 13 inches that raises your device 2.95 inches off the desk, allowing for better posture and ventilation.

How I Found the Amazon Basics Laptop Stand

Since Covid, taking work home is more common than ever. And with many of us regularly balancing daily commutes with remote work, laptops have become all the rage for their simple networking prowess combined with their easy handling. But pull back the curtain, and you’ll discover that constantly staring at your laptop can cause long-term neck pain, as well as headaches and popping noises in your shoulder joints, according to Dr. K. Daniel Riew, director of cervical spine surgery. and co-director of spine surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Och Spine Hospital.

Using a laptop stand to raise your device 3 to 6 inches off your desk can improve your posture and reduce neck strain, as well as help keep your laptop cooler. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money to reap the benefits. For example, Amazon has a product for under $25, and Prime members can get it delivered in two days or less. I’ve been using the Amazon Basics Laptop Stand ($20.95) for a few weeks now and found it useful and affordable.

Like most items with the Amazon Basics label, from batteries to ibuprofen to paper towels, you get a simple, house-brand product for less. So I was interested to see how this laptop stand compared to other brands I’ve used.

Previously, my stand of choice was the Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand ($60), which is taller and wider than the Amazon Basic stand. Of course, it makes sense that the more expensive mounts offer additional features and greater stability, and I chose it because it provides a taller 6-inch height for the screen, which I especially like when using the camera for video calls.

Switching to the frankly cheap Amazon Basics laptop stand may have cut my laptop’s height in half, to less than 3 inches, but typing on the laptop’s keyboard was extremely comfortable and didn’t take up much space on my desk. crowded desk. which is a great victory.

As the name suggests, this small, adjustable stand is definitely a basic, with a rear stand that folds flat for easy storage and transport if you want to take it with you – perfect for those who hit the office a few days a week. I also liked that its sleek silver body paired well with my other tech gadgets (it also comes in black). Plus, its lightweight “arms” keep your laptop from sliding off the front, and a grippy rubber bottom keeps the stand from slipping while sitting on a desk.

In terms of measurements, it’s 9.5 inches at its widest and 7.91 inches deep, so it did a good job of holding my 12 x 8 1/2-inch laptop while I typed. While my laptop usually fits in the stand, there is about a two-inch overhang on each side. This is because the Amazon Basics laptop stand is widest in the middle and tapers to become narrower in the front.

In its most “open” position, the laptop stand raised the top of my screen nearly three inches, at an 18-degree tilt, which was comfortable for me to type on. While it’s not technically adjustable, I’ve found that you can manipulate it to gain a bit more height, up to almost 4 inches, if you slide the kickstand in slightly to make the angle more perpendicular. Of course, this also makes the stand a bit less stable, so if you’re a fast and heavy typist, you’ll want to keep the stand in the position it was designed for. Please note that this mount is designed to accommodate laptops up to 13 inches. Using a larger laptop will surely make it unstable.

The Amazon Basics laptop stand is easy to take with you

As mentioned, using a laptop stand offers physical benefits, such as better posture while sitting and a more comfortable angle for your wrists while typing. So yeah, I definitely appreciate having the screen at eye level and not having to bend my neck to look at it. Another benefit is to the health of your laptop. Raising the laptop off the desk, even slightly, allows for more air circulation, which can help prevent it from overheating and shutting down.

There are some things that Amazon Basics support cannot do. It’s not as wide or as tall as my Twelve South Curve brace, and it’s not (formally) adjustable like others I’ve used. If height and eye position are a priority for you, an adjustable stand that allows you to raise it 3-6 inches is the way to go, but yes, it will cost you more.

However, if you’re looking for a basic stand that will take your device off your desk to help improve ergonomics and airflow, and is portable enough to take to the office or coffee shop, this solid, stable, and oh Amazon Basics’ such inexpensive support is definitely up to the challenge, in more ways than one.

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