Anna “Delvey” Sorokin, the con artist who served three years in prison for larceny and larceny after convincing members of New York’s elite that she is a wealthy heiress—will star in a reality show with guests at her Manhattan apartment, where she is under house arrest awaiting a decision on her immigration case .

The show’s producers, Butternut and Wheelhouse, described it as “one of the hottest tables in town – intimate, invite-only dinners at your home,” read a press release, which did not specify where the show will air. The show will feature “a group of actors, musicians, founders, socialites, journalists and other guests invited by Delvey.” Delvey was Sorokin’s false last name, according to authorities.

Portrait of Anna Delvey

The dinners will be hosted by a private chef and will lead to “candid conversations where no topic is off limits,” the press release says, including “Anna’s experience within the criminal justice system, her strategy for rebuild its image and its plans for the future.”

“There’s nothing like the experience of bringing together a select group of friends to share life stories and enjoy a great culinary experience,” said Sorokin. “I am grateful for the opportunity… to bring my vision to a wider audience and share a glimpse of the real Anna Delvey.”

Sorokin, who posed as a German heiress with a fortune of $67 million, made news in 2017 when she was arrested after stealing approximately $275,000 from banks, friends and others in an attempt to start the Anna Delvey Foundation, which was meant to be
“a membership club experience… organized around a world-class collection of contemporary art.”

She was sentenced to between four and 12 years in prison, but only served three before being released, after which ICE immediately arrested her again for overstaying her visa in October of last year. Sorokin is currently fighting deportation to Germany and is serving her house arrest in an East Village apartment in New York City, where she has been conducting interviews, making art and throwing parties.

Sentence of Anna Sorokin

“It’s often said that the best way to meet someone is to share a meal with them,” Butternut CEO Courtney White said. “We’re all desperate to find out who Anna really is. ‘Delvey’s Dinner Club’ will reveal the real woman behind everything we’ve read and seen about Anna.”

The producers’ press release said the show will have footage and interviews with Anna and her guests. Her goal is to “highlight the dichotomy of her isolation fueled by daytime house arrest and her experience of companionship and festivity as she opens the doors of her apartment to her guests, and onlookers of her, at night”.

While this will be Sorokin’s first foray into television, she was portrayed by Julia Garner in the Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” made by acclaimed producer Shonda Rhimes. Netflix paid Sorokin $300,000 for the series, according to Insider.

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