And just like that… to get Carrie and Aidan back together

Hi, I’m Che Diaz.
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And just like that… he is ready to commit to Aidan. No, wait, it’s not. No, wait, it is, but he just wants to wear the ring around his neck. we will see how that goes.

sex and the city follow-up series And just like that… is bringing another sex and the city Go back to the small screen. No, not Samantha, that will never happen. Instead, John Corbett, who plays Carrie’s ex-fiancé Aidan, will join the cast of the series. Deadline previously reported the news, and now it’s Instagram official: And just like that… has posted several photos of Aidan and Carrie strolling down the middle of the street together, hand in hand. This follows the big incident from last season when Carrie [redacted mean adjective] partner, Mr. Big, died while Peloton-ing. Now we’re stuck thinking of topical ways Aidan could die. He might get caught up in a particularly adventurous episode of Essay?

But that’s not the only person we care about next season. We’ve been craving a bit of Che. Since then sex and the city follow-up series And just like that… Wrapped up in February, comedian and weed advocate Che Diaz of “Woke Moment” has been warming up our brains. How was his pilot in Los Angeles? Are things still working out with Miranda? Let’s hope we find out soon, because HBO Max announced that he is renewing And just like that… for a second season.

“I am delighted and excited to tell more stories about these bold and vibrant characters, played by these incredible and powerful actors,” executive producer Michael Patrick King said in the renewal announcement. “The fact is that we are all excited. And just like that…our sex life is back.” Oh honey! The press release mentions stars and executive producers Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, and all we can do is hope against hope that Sarita Choudhury’s character Seema gets lead character status.

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