Batman: Alfred Pennyworth is finally back from the dead (but how?)

A brand new preview for batman vs. Robin #1, Alfred Pennyworth He’s somehow come back from the dead, showing up alive on Bruce Wayne’s doorstep. In the first look at the new comic book, Batman is surprised to discover that Alfred has arrived on his doorstep. The scene looks like Pennyworth is finally returning to the pages of DC Comics after a long absence.

Alfred Pennyworth, iconic butler and Batman’s father, was tragically killed during Tom King batman Run in 2019 In a terrifying scene, Ben snaps Alfred’s neck in front of Bruce and Damian Wayne, setting the stage for their broken relationship in later stories. While Damian searches for a way to resurrect Alfred through Lazarus Pit, and Jason Todd seeks revenge against Bane, attempts to bring him back to life fail because the risk of bringing him back as a monster makes the process too dangerous. However, Alfred is seemingly alive in a new DC Comics preview showing that Pennyworth is somehow returning despite his death.

A new preview Batman vs. Robin #1 by DC Comics’ Mark Waid, Mahmoud Asrar, Jordy Bellaire, and Steve Wands, Bruce Wayne returns to Wayne Manor after spending time in downtown Gotham City. However, the hero gets an unexpected visitor at Wayne Manor, as he is greeted by the inexplicably alive Alfred Pennyworth, prompting Batman to question whether one of his villains is masquerading as himself in some sick joke. After Alfred warns Bruce about Ben and expresses concern about Damian, Wayne tells him that he died and was cremated, when asked how he could have come back from the dead.

Alfred’s survival remains a mystery, as Batman asks him questions that only he can answer, as Pennyworth answers them all. Batman begins to believe that Alfred has returned from the dead as he continues to display the same personality, smarts, wisdom and compassion as his long-lost father. The DC preview ends with the pair heading to the Batcave as they are interrupted by someone waiting for them.

It remains to be seen if this version of Alfred is the same one who suffered a gruesome death at the hands of Ben. However, his amazing appearance doesn’t seem like a trick to masquerade as a villain, because it certainly seems like Pennyworth is alive. Even Batman admits it could be real Alfred Pennyworth – although his return is still unexplained. Readers will know more when Batman vs. Robin #1 of DC Comics hits comic book stores Wednesday.

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