Biden admin gives left-wing groups hundreds of millions to help illegal immigrants fight deportation

Two left-wing nonprofits have combined to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-backed government contracts since President Biden took office, with the vast majority of the money going toward efforts to keep illegal immigrants out. in the United States, according to records reviewed by Fox News Digital Shows.

The Vera Institute of Justice, a New York-based group that sees immigration enforcement agencies as a “threat” to civil liberties, has been the top financial supporter for the past two years, raising about $350 million from government contracts for immigration services. The Acacia Center for Justice, a newer nonprofit linked to the Vera Institute and another left-wing immigration group, has also pocketed tens of millions of dollars in recent federal contracts.

Progressive groups won the contracts amid the escalating border crisis, which recently saw a quarter of a million migrant encounters at the southern border in December, a new record for the Biden era as the crisis enters its third year.

The Vera Institute was awarded a $171 million Health and Human Services-funded contract last March to help unaccompanied minors avoid deportation, records show. Since then, the contract has paid out about $180 million with side agreements beginning in December.


Leftist groups have won lucrative government contracts to help with the border crisis.
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The deal lasts through March of this year, but could reach $983 million if renewed through March 2027. If extended, it will be the largest federal contract the group has received for immigration-related services dating back to mid- the 2000s by a wide margin.

Vera has secured other large government contracts since early 2021, including a $168 million contract in March 2021 for the same purpose of helping unaccompanied minors avoid deportation. During this time, the group also secured smaller contracts ranging from $4 million to $12 million from other federal departments.

In addition to its immigration focus, the Vera Institute seeks to end mass incarceration by reducing the number of jails, prisons, and detention centers in the United States. The group has also backed defunding the police and called border security a “threat” to civil liberties.

“His name should be the Vera Institute for Anarchy, because he is at war with the law and public safety: calling to defund the police, legalize all drugs, and open the border to all comers,” Scott Walter, president of the conservative Capital Research Center, told Fox News Digital. “It is amazing that these enemies of the law get more than 90% of their income from the government, more than some defense contractors can boast.”

“A sane government would resist these enemies of civilization, not fund them and certainly not help them bring chaos to our poorest and most vulnerable communities,” Walter added.


The Vera Institute of Justice is contracted by the government to provide legal services to illegal immigrants.

The Vera Institute of Justice is contracted by the government to provide legal services to illegal immigrants.
(Texas Department of Public Safety)

Taxpayer-backed government grants and contracts fuel Instituto Vera’s operations. The most recent financial audit on its website shows that between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, $152 million of the group’s $191 million in revenue came from government sources.

Meanwhile, the Acacia Center for Justice, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that began from a partnership between the Vera Institute and Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR), received several “legal services” contracts from the Department of Justice. de Justicia last September that the group generated about $41 million in payments, records show.

The Acacia Center appears to have launched to expand Vera’s work with illegal immigrants apprehended at the border. Unlike Vera’s government contracts for unaccompanied minors, however, Centro Acacia’s contracts do not specify an age group for legal services, and its partner organization has an adult advocacy program.

“The goal of the Acacia Center for Justice (“Acacia”) is to expand Vera’s work over the past twenty years providing legal support and representation to immigrants facing deportation through the development, coordination, and management of national networks of legal service providers. that serve immigrants from all over the country,” their website states.

“Acacia’s goals are twofold: to support immigrant legal services and advocacy networks to provide exceptional legal services to immigrants and to advocate for the expansion of these programs and critical infrastructure to ensure immigrants’ access to justice, equity and freedom,” the site says. He says. “Acacia will focus the collective power of both Vera and CAIR to provide accountable, independent, zealous, and person-centered legal services and representation to protect the rights of all immigrants at risk of deportation.”


In December, the number of encounters with migrants at the southern border topped 250,000, a new monthly high under the Biden administration.

In December, the number of encounters with migrants at the southern border topped 250,000, a new monthly high under the Biden administration.
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The second group involved in the Acacia Center partnership, Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights, runs an adult advocacy program that provides information, support and legal representation to illegal immigrants, according to its website.

It also has a program for detained unaccompanied children that works with minors in the Office of Refugee Resettlement juvenile immigration detention centers in Maryland and Virginia.

Acacia Center launched last year and received the contracts less than two months after receiving a July 2022 determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service, which stated that the group’s tax-exempt effective date was December 29. December 2021, according to the documents.

The nonprofits won the immigration contracts when the situation at the southern border worsened, racking up record encounters late last year.

In December, the number of encounters with migrants at the southern border topped 250,000, a new monthly high under the Biden administration, Customs and Border Protection confirmed to Fox News Digital last week.


The figure came after two years of an unprecedented and historic immigration crisis that has overwhelmed communities and officials, sparked tensions between cities in the US interior over the transport of migrants and marked a major political headache. for administration.

The Vera Institute of Justice and the Acacia Center for Justice did not return Fox News Digital’s requests for comment.

Fox News Digital’s Adam Shaw contributed reporting.


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