Big Brother: Terrence Higgins says he couldn’t ‘lock in’ with Taylor

Terrence Higgins opens up about his rocky relationship with Taylor Hale in an exit interview following his eviction Big Brother 24. Terrence was unanimously evicted in the first part of Thursday’s special double eviction episode big brother. Michael Bruner won the HOH competition earlier in the week and nominated Terrence and Alyssa Snyder for eviction, targeting Terrence because he was concerned that the 47-year-old DJ was coming after him. Terence spent his week big brother Fighting to stay in the house, centering his campaign on the jury’s vote, Michael threatens to taint the jury against him if evicted.

Terence played a relatively quiet game Big Brother 24, floated under the radar before winning an HOH competition in a split house twist. Terence also won the Power of Veto that week, establishing himself as someone who could win the competition. Terrence spends most of the summer talking badly about Taylor, making derogatory and offensive comments about her behind her back, all while pretending to be friends. Terrance, along with Danielle Durston and Nicole Layog, who were evicted earlier in the season, all actively ostracized Taylor and tried to get her out.

In an exit interview with EW, has admitted to her tumultuous relationship with Terrence Taylor, though she downplays her comments about him while in the house. Terence tells the audience not to “Believe what you see.” he said “Me and Taylor are both Midwesterners and we really love each other.” Terence explains that he wants to “locked” with Taylor, indicating that he wanted to work with her on the game. However, Terrence said in his interview with Julie Chen-Moonves after his eviction that he expected Taylor to follow him into the jury house during the double eviction.

Terence discussed the most intense point big brother season, when it was revealed that Kyle Capener had cast doubt on colored houseguests working together, along with other racially charged comments. Terrence doesn’t regret not kicking Kyle out during his HOH run, but says, “I know Joseph [Abdin] would not have been eliminated.” He admits that he is “Would have taken Alyssa instead.” He also said that he had the biggest regret at home “Being loyal to people who didn’t have my best interest in the game” in big brother home.

Terence seems to have taken his eviction quite personally, having been let go big brother Hurry home and say goodbye to no one. It indicates how he played the game; He had no loyalty to anyone but himself. No one in the house believed him as he would throw everyone under the bus. Terence joins the long list Big Brother 24 The evictions sent Taylor packing after disrespecting her. Fans won’t see Terrence big brother In the finale, where he and eight other jury members cast their votes for the winner Big Brother 24.

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