Khloe Kardashian posts a moving tribute to the late mother of Tristan Thompson | CNN


Khloe Kardashian wrote a moving tribute to her ex-partner Tristan Thompson’s late mother, Andrea Thompson.

A funeral was held last week for Thompson, also a grandmother to True, the former couple’s 4-year-old daughter, and their 5-month-old baby.

The reality star paid tribute through photos on Instagram, writing: “I’ve been avoiding this…. Avoid accepting that this is real. I have so much to say but nothing at all…. I have so many emotions and I still feel numb.”

She continued: “Life can be brutally unfair at times and this has been one of the most difficult times in many of our lives. But at the same time, I feel blessed to be lucky to have had someone who makes saying goodbye so incredibly difficult. So hard that I choose not to say goodbye forever because it’s something I can’t fathom.”

Kardashian added that she can’t bring herself to say goodbye forever, writing: “Forever goodbyes are something I don’t believe in. I KNOW I will see you again. I know I will hear your sweet voice and your contagious laugh again. I know I’ll get to feel that hug from you. I will see you again with the many who have gone before you whom I miss, love and cherish desperately. So, I choose to say that until I see you again in heaven, I miss you and will continue to miss you more and more each day.”

Thompson had four children, Tristan, Dishawn, Daniel, and Amari.

Kardashian wrote about them: “I know you never wanted to leave your children. They are your whole world. They will learn to live with the hole in their hearts because they are warriors like their warrior mommy”.

He ended with a promise to take care of Amari, who has epilepsy, writing: “Just know, I promise Amari will be perfectly fine. We will all take care of him, help him and protect him. Your children will be fine because they have their Guardian Angel by their side.

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