Kourtney Kardashian’s Boohoo collab has been called out for ‘greenwashing’

Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t been told that fast fashion is never sustainable, and now The Kardashians The star is being called for her collaboration with fashion brand Boohoo. The company is a fast-fashion brand like Shin but at a higher price. Such brands have been called out many times for overproducing cheap clothes and underpaying the workers who make the clothes. Although Kourtney considers herself environmentally conscious, fans have seen many holes in her activism. Recently, Kourtney and her younger sister Kim Kardashian made the list of celebrities violating California’s water usage restrictions. The news comes less than a month after Kylie Jenner’s private jet controversy.

Boohoo announced its collaboration with Kourtney on September 6, just in time for New York Fashion Week. The brand claims that the collection is heavily focused on sustainability, but unfortunately, many Instagram users have flooded the comments section calling out the company’s hypocrisy. The collection will launch on September 13, but from public response, it may not sell as well as expected Fans have mocked Kourtney in the past for encouraging her followers to take care of the environment, only to contradict herself by flying a private jet and owning lots of cars.

The latest backlash against the star came from the owner of a popular vintage store who was not happy about Kourtney’s fashion collaboration. Popular Instagram page shrimptoncouture, run by Cheri Balch, took to her Instagram story to call out the Boohoo and Kourtney collab. “Fast fashion is not going green“He wrote, calling for cooperation,”Such a green wash.“This term refers to large companies and corporations that deceive their consumers, making them believe that they are environmentally friendly, when in fact they are not.Millions of cheap clothesBut they do not pay fair wages to the workers making the products.

The vintage shop owner then accused Buhu of forcing someone to cooperate with them by paying them enough money. Along with other environmentally friendly efforts, Kourtney claims to be 90 percent vegetarian and uses her wellness brand Poosh to promote mindful eating. The Kardashians The star even has an article on the website about her favorite vegetarian dishes for fans to try. Unfortunately, fans have noted many violations in the past and do not believe that he truly cares about healing the world.

Anyone can call themselves an environmentalist, but it seems Kourtney is definitely no Greta Thunberg. If he really cares about the environment like he claims, his actions need to start matching his pushy blog posts. He really should have thought about his Boohoo collaboration before signing the contract. At this point, it’s unlikely Kourtney will convince more fans about her environmental pursuits, if at all The Kardashians As the star plans to turn the controversy around, he may also quit acting.

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