New Book Gives Mike Pompeo a Voice

Former Secretary of State and CIA Director mike pompeo He has had a multitude of noteworthy experiences. He graduated at the top of his class from West Point, served as a cavalry officer in the US Army, graduated from Harvard Law School, excelled in business, represented Kansas in the US House of Representatives. the Hudson Institute.

Add “author” to that resume.

Mr. Pompeo has written a new book titled “Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love,” which was published Tuesday by Broadside Books and ranked No. 4 on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble in a matter of hours.

The author still has a clear call to defend the nation.

He is generous with the details and evocative descriptions of his many vocations. The book offers a wealth of information on politics, both domestic and foreign, as well as references to Mr. Pompeo’s faith, quotes from the Bible, details of his time in the Trump administration, plus a thoughtful analysis of threats abroad. and the productive role of personal clarity. and determination in a very complex world.

Mr. Pompeo also has a few things to say about the Biden administration and shares his varied experiences with the media, naming a section of his book “Deny the press my hair.”

He hasn’t lost his sense of humor or his vocation to defend America with time-honored tactics.

“Prioritizing the right agenda items will be the key to maintaining American primacy in the 21st century,” he wrote.

“The way forward is to hold on to our values, honor the will of the people and never give an inch,” Pompeo said.

There is also a personal vocation. “On the things that mattered most, I never gave an inch. She would do it all over again without a second thought. And I can”, promised the author.

Does that phrase indicate a possible run for president in 2024? Stay tuned.

The book was published by Broadside Books, the conservative publisher of HarperCollins Publishers.


The numbers offer a revealing idea of ​​the scope of the immigration problem.

“During fiscal year 2022, US Border Patrol apprehended nearly 2.4 million migrants who crossed the US-Mexico border illegally, breaking the previous year’s record,” he wrote. jim cliftonPresident of Gallup, the world pollster.

“The question that US leaders should be able to answer regardless of their politics: How many more people from Latin America could be arriving at the US southern border?” she asked her.

Mr. Clifton applied math to the question.

“About 466 million adults live in the countries that make up Latin America and the Caribbean. Gallup has interviewed residents of these countries every year for the past 16 years, asking adults if they would like to move to another country permanently if they could,” she wrote.

“In 2022, 30% said ‘yes’. This means that approximately 140 million Latin Americans would like to move permanently to another country, if they could. Gallup then asked where they would like to move to,” he continued.

“Of those who want to leave their country permanently, 33%, or 46 million, said they want to move to the United States,” Cliifton said.

“Citizenship or asylum seekers are vigilant in determining exactly when and what is the best time to move. What exactly is the message from the American leadership to them? More than 300 million US citizens wonder. So are 46 million Latin Americans,” she concluded.


The price of eggs in the US has become a hot topic, particularly after the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index revealed that large Grade A eggs cost an average of $4.25 a dozen in the United States. December, an increase of 138% from $1.79 a dozen. year earlier, this according to a handy CNBC report.

Meanwhile, nonprofit Farm Action asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the price gouging in an open letter dated January 19, suggesting that “price gouging” and “collusion” are in the mix.

The press has noticed. Some notable headlines from the last 24 hours:

“As egg prices soar, so do attempts to cross the US-Mexico border” (CNN); “Sen. Jack Reed Asks FTC to Investigate Possible Egg Price Gouging” (Axios); “Yeah, black market eggs are a thing right now” (The Takeout); “Why are eggs so expensive now?” (Bloomberg News); “Egg prices increased 59% in 2022, and a group accuses egg suppliers of foul play” (Forbes); and “The Chickens in the Pot: Eggs are so expensive Coloradans are skipping the dairy aisle and buying backyard poultry” (The Denver Post).


During the week of January 16–22, Fox News carried 92 of the top 100 cable news broadcasts, drawing an average of 2 million primetime viewers.

“The Five,” which airs Monday through Friday at 5 p.m.Tucker Carlson Tonight” with an audience of 3.1 million viewers, and “Jesse Watters Primetime” with 2.7 million.

In the morning, “Fox & Friends” continued to beat its rivals for 96 straight weeks with 1.3 million viewers, compared to CNN’s “This Morning” (331,000 viewers) and MSNBC’s Morning Joe (760,000 viewers).

Fun (and smart) evening host greg gutfeld continues to outperform its streaming network competition with an average nightly audience of 2 million, compared to ABC.”jimmy kimmel Live!” (1.8 million) and “The Tonight Show with jimmy fallon“(1.3 million).

Meanwhile, “Sunday Night in America with trey gowdyit had an audience of 1.1 million viewers, easily surpassing CNN’s “Who’s Talking to.” Chris Wallace?” which had an audience of 405,000.


• 57% of US adults say ensuring that all Americans have health care is a responsibility of the federal government; 88% of Democrats, 59% of independents and 28% of Republicans agree.

• 40% overall say that ensuring health care is not a responsibility of the federal government; 10% of Democrats, 39% of independents and 71% of Republicans agree.

• 53% in general would prefer a health system based on private insurance; 26% of Democrats, 50% of Independents and 83% of Republicans agree.

• 43% would prefer a government-run system; 72% of Democrats, 46% of independents and 13% of Republicans agree.

SOURCE: A Gallup poll of 1,020 US adults conducted Nov. 9-Dec. 1. 2 and released on Monday.

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