Batman: Alfred Pennyworth is finally back from the dead (but how?)

A brand new preview for batman vs. Robin #1, Alfred Pennyworth He’s somehow come back from the dead, showing up alive on Bruce Wayne’s doorstep. In the first look at the new comic book, Batman is surprised to discover that Alfred has arrived on his doorstep. The scene looks like Pennyworth is finally returning to … Read more

Superman won’t stand a chance against a fearsome Green Lantern enemy

The most insidious villain that has ever gone up against it green lantern It can only be what it takes to read superman. Despite Clark Kent’s overwhelming powers, he is no match for the deadliest member of the Sinestro Corps. Although the Green Lantern Corps has kept the universe safe from evil for thousands of … Read more

The Avengers crossover of Justice League proved which team is superior

As the world’s mightiest hero, Marvel Comics‘ Avenger They are considered the premier superhero team in their respective universes. Similarly, DC Comics‘ Justice League Filling that role in their respective continuities, both teams have faced countless threats during their publishing history. But while both teams have saved their world more times than anyone can count, … Read more

DC tragically proves why Batman and Catwoman’s relationship is worth tolerating

DC Comics explore batman And Catwoman’s Romance all year round Batman/Catwoman Special #1. The issue focuses on her experiences with Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, carefully combining elements of their shared childhood, trauma, and future until death. Starring Tom King, John Paul Leon, Bernard Chang, Mitch Gerrards, Dave Stewart and Clayton Cowles, the special takes … Read more