The Biden administration has raised concerns with China about companies selling aid to Russia.

Washington — The Biden administration has raised concerns with the Chinese government about Chinese companies selling non-lethal military aid to Russia for Moscow to use in Ukrainehas confirmed CBS News.

Chinese companies are providing non-lethal military assistance and economic support that falls short of wholesale sanctions evasion, sources familiar with the situation told CBS News. US officials see this as a significantly scaled-down version of the Chinese government’s initial plan when the war in Ukraine began, which was to sell lethal weapons systems for Russia’s use on the battlefield. Bloomberg was the first to report that the United States raised such concerns with the Chinese.

The United States continues to see “troubling” activity from Chinese companies, but it is unclear what the Chinese government knows about, the sources said. The United States is closely monitoring the situation between China and Russia, and has been since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago. The US plans to continue to communicate to China the implications of providing material support to Russia’s war against Ukraine. The sources could not share what China’s response to US concerns was, and could not provide details on the type of equipment that Chinese companies have sold. to Russia.

President Biden has described China as the “biggest challenge to the international order” and has been critical of China’s position towards Russia.

Although Mr. Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have met many times in person and virtually before, November marked their first meeting in person since Mr. Biden took office two years ago.

Russia’s war against Ukraine shows no end in sight as the one-year mark approaches. Poland will ask the German government permission to supply German-made Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine, Poland’s prime minister said on Monday. Ukraine continues to plead with Western countries to provide military assistance.

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