The search for Julian Sands narrowed on the 12th since he went missing on Mt. Baldy

As the search on Mt. Baldy for actor Julian Sands entered its 12th day, rescuers began to scale back their efforts, authorities announced.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which is leading the search, said on wednesday continues to search for the missing actor using only airborne units, such as sheriff’s helicopters and drones.

Since Sands was reported missing on January 13, the department had been touring the Mt. Baldy area with air and ground teams, though some ground missions were intermittently canceled due to avalanche risks and dangerous conditions. of the trail.

The department said aircrews are using RECCO devices, a rescue technology that uses harmonic radar systems to detect clothing equipped with RECCO reflectors. The device is commonly used to find people buried by an avalanche or lost hikers.

No evidence of Sands’ whereabouts has been found during the search.

On Tuesday, rescuers found another hiker, Jin Chung, 75, of Los Angeles, who had gone missing on Mt. Baldy on Sunday. He was hospitalized for “weather related injuries” and a leg injury.

Around the time Sands was reported missing, a gust of storms had recently covered Mt. Baldy in snow. Icy conditions prompted officials to issue warnings to hikers of all skill levels. The peak is considered one of the most dangerous to climb in the United States.

Sands, 65, is known for his work on “A Room With a View” (1985), “Warlock” (1989) and dozens of other movies and TV series, including “24” and “Dexter.” Born in the UK, Sands lives in North Hollywood and is an avid mountaineer, having climbed peaks in the Andes and the Swiss Alps.

Amid a litany of messages of hope for the missing Hollywood star, the Sands family issued a statement Monday, thanking the sheriff’s department and rescue teams for “braving conditions on the ground and in the air to bring Julian home.”

“We are deeply moved by the outpouring of love and support,” the statement read.

Sands’ brother told BBC News this week that he has already said goodbye to Julian.

“I have come to terms with the fact that he is gone and this is how I have dealt with it,” Nick Sands said in the BBC report published on Wednesday. “We’re all still waiting I guess, but I know it’s gone in my mind and that’s why I’ve already said goodbye.”


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